About The Dog Wizard

We Are A Dog Training School In Fort Collins

Working To Improve The Lives Of Both Dogs And Humans


Seeing the vast amount of dogs that are released or put into shelters is disheartening. At The Dog Wizard, we believe that no dog is beyond training — all it takes is a little time and a lot of love. We are here to offer every dog the chance to be a remarkable companion by tapping into their potential and bringing out their very best qualities. We do this with quality dog trainers and programs that have earned us a name across the Front Range. We don’t believe that you or your dog have to become another statistic in failed pet-owner relationships.

We don’t believe that you have to “live with” or “put up with” an unruly pet. We’ll work through your pup’s issues in order to give you a well-trained, well-mannered dog that you can trust not to destroy your home, jump on your guests, or ignore your commands. By the time we have finished our dog training program, your pet will even be reliable off-leash.

Proper training improves your dog’s live as well. By being able to go on more walks, receive more positive attention, and go to new places, your dog will feel like part of the family. We are passionate about what we do and confident in the effectiveness of our methods, because we have watched them work — dog after dog. Because of this, we are happy to offer free consult evaluations, as well as a guarantee that we will produce results or you get your money back.

Isn’t it time that you explored the endless possibilities at your doorstep with a trained dog? Contact us today and sign up for our Northern Colorado dog training services. We are a member of the International Association of Canine Professionals, so you can be confident that your pup is always in safe hands.



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