I cannot say enough good things about Jess!

Screen-Shot-2014-09-05-at-12.17.25-PM-120x120We took our 3 year old dalmatian, Layla, to Jess at the dog wizard in Charlotte for some fear issues. She was afraid of other dogs and people which would come across as aggression. It was quite embarrassing as well as little scary at times. Layla had so much fun with Jess and everyone seemed to love her and know her! It felt great seeing her playing with dogs and other people! I LOVED all the pictures and videos she would post! Not only did Jess boost our dog’s confidence but mine as well! She realized that since I had only know the “bad” dog I would have to work on my trust and allow her to room to grow. Jess always gave us options that would make us feel comfortable and confident. It showed that she not only cared and understood Layla, but us too!She always answers our questions. You can see she genuinely loves her work.

Ashley Romanowski