Safe, Effective Puppy Socialization in Fort Collins

puppy socialization It’s important to remember that socializing dogs and puppies takes an enormous amount of care and professionals who understand what they are doing, because one wrong move could cause your dog to be uncomfortable around other dogs for the rest of his life. If you want to socialize your puppy, we recommend doing it during their sensitive stage, which is from about three weeks to five months old. By being exposed to new people and new dogs early, and having these be positive experiences, dogs are able to be open to further connections in the future.

How Our Socializing Program Works

We will always meet with your dog before enrolling him in any program. This way we are able to accurately gauge what his specific needs are, and what we can do to help him become a better, happier dog. After we understand your pup, we will work with you to ease him into socialization. Depending on the level of your dog’s anxiety, this may begin with just a one-on-one lesson with a well-trained dog, or it could be enrolling in group classes.

Why It Works

Like any of our dog and puppy training programs, our socialization techniques work to make sure that your dog is comfortable in any environment, at any time. This means exposing your dog to a wide variety of safe situations, so we can be sure that he is well-trained at all times.

Our puppy socialization and training is one of the most successful methods in the industry. See why and learn how we can help your pup live his life to the fullest by contacting us today.