puppypartyOur puppy training classes are an effective method for giving your puppy the tools to make the most out of his life. Puppies lay down a lot of groundwork for their life between being 2 and 3 months old. Proper puppy obedience training can help now by preventing behavioral issues later, such as digging and chewing.

Our top-notch puppy preschool will assist in proper development through our training in the essential categories, including:

  • Not chewing on your property
  • Proper potty training
  • Digging mitigation
  • Chewing mitigation
  • Reducing separation anxiety
  • Basic obedience commands

Our preschool utilizes puppy obedience training to give you and your canine the tools need to have a happy, well-behaved relationship. Our basics focus on these key areas and are available for you in an unlimited fashion until your puppy exceeds our 6 month age limit.


Your puppy is welcome at our dog training school for puppy classes after they are at least eight weeks old and are no older than six months.